What is a web server?


Web Servers are called hardware and software, which provide various services like “serving” requests from other computers, known as clients. Of course, there is a chance that the computer itself runs such server programs 24 hours a day. In this case the entire computer is considered a server since this is its basic function.

Web Servers: Their Components

Servers are usually computers that differ in composition from common computers because they have more upgraded capabilities. The way of communicating between a client and the server is done from a local network or even from the Internet.

Usually web hosting is done on a specialized server to host websites.

Servers have processors that support and use data processing, fast and high-capacity hard drives and memory speeds. In addition, there is a dual power system and an uninterrupted power supply device for greater reliability and certainty in the services provided.

Servers are used as a means for people to communicate with both the network and each other in order to communicate and to be able to access data of any kind throughout the Internet. All application programs are based on the client/server model.

The basic structure of a client-server application works as follows: When a user needs information or access to an Internet resource, they run the “client” program of the respective application and specify the details of what they are asking for. The “client” program makes the connection over a network to a “server” program that checks the requested information. Client-server dialogue is done using an application-specific protocol.

The “client” program formats the user’s request in the application protocol that is common to the server and transmits the request to TCP/IP which will arrange its transmission to the server over a network.

The server after receiving the request finds the resource and formats the result in the protocol of that application, which it sends to TCP/IP to start sending over a network back to the client. When the customer gets the information it makes it available to the user who can see it or direct it somewhere else. “Client” programs run only when the user runs them while “server” programs run continuously even when there are no customer requests.

Web Servers: Their Relationship With Computers

Computers that can run the servers must be able to work all day and continuously without interruption. Computer manufacturers and computer parts companies in order to technically support this operation of the computer offer separate constructions for servers. The hardware of such a computer includes motherboards that have high temperature resistance, built-in RAID systems, built-in video card with low memory and speed, fewer expansion ports, more indicative operating elements, the ability to use ECC memory and more comfortable distribution of memory and processor elements so that both can be cooled by separate loud fans. E

There are now boxes with heavy weight, special locking, seats for more fans, specially designed interiors to make better air circulation and special boxes that can be integrated into racks.

Finally, another feature of the servers is the disks that must have appropriate specifications for an ever longer and continuous period of use and at the same time be able to disconnect from the servers while they are in operation.

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