MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting – Are They Best Cloud Hosting Providers?


Have you noticed the trend that is happening very quickly globally, there are several websites migrating from traditional web hosting to cloud web hosting?

Also, some professional bloggers that receive heavy traffic to their site are also found shifting their hosting services to cloud hosting services. And the main point here is they are shifting especially to cloud DigitalOcean hosting and this trend forced me to know more about DigitalOcean. 

Since the last couple of days, I have been seeing several videos to know how exactly this cloud hosting works and then came to know the major difference between traditional web or VPS hosting and cloud web hosting.

Let’s check more about DigitalOcean cloud hosting.

An SSD powered cloud hosting service, DigitalOcean is suitable for every blogger like a newbie to the professional blogger who get tons of traffic to your blog.

In this article, I will be primarily focusing on the features of DigitalOcean to know is it worthful cloud hosting to start with or not.

Robust Hardware

DigitalOcean uses SSD hard drives that offer enhanced site speed and performance. All cloud servers are provisioned for 55 seconds so that your website pings fast. Additionally, the bandwidth is 1GB/Second for all servers and the user can increase the bandwidth up to 1TB for starting a plan, enough for medium size websites.

 New technology hardware was adopted by DigitalOcean servers built with powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated RAID SSD storage and ECC RAM.

The KVM virtualization droplets used by DigitalOcean servers offer great performance and high level security to the server. 

MilesWeb offers the similar infrastructure for the DigitalOcean cloud and takes the complete responsibility of managing the droplets for you.

Multiple Datacentre Locations

One of the best advantages of selecting the cloud hosting is that they have multiple location servers working under a similar server for offering optimum performance. The web servers are offered at 8 locations such as Bangalore, Toronto, San Fransico, New York, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Singapore. 

MilesWeb also offers server locations at all these locations.

Floating IPs

Recently, DigitalOcean has included the floating IPs option where an IP address can be moved from one IP to another IP within the same datacenter. The main reason to implement this feature is to offer minimal downtime as well as help server to handle traffic spikes to balance the resource availability to all the clients.

Team Accounts

Bloggers and small businesses that handle teams for maintaining their websites will find team accounts as the best feature. Being the owner if the website, it is important to give your credentials to the team for updating the website. But sharing the credentials will several people might lead to security issues.


With Team Accounts option, website owners can create multiple credentials for the team because it doesn’t allow access to changing the password, billing information, theme customizations and other important features.

Transfer Globally

They use CDN services for enhancing the website speed in traditional web hosting services. This helps them to deliver static files such as images and logos from their CDN server for decreasing the burden on their main server. 

With the transfer globally option, their clients can perform the same work as CDNs and this helps to store the static files in all servers, boosting the speed.

One Click WordPress Installation

At first when anyone wanted to install WordPress on DigitalOcean, it was important to have the knowledge about UNIX commands. But since the introduction of one-click install option, bloggers life has become easy.

Prior to the installation of WordPress, creating a droplet (server) for your account is needs and so you need to know the process of creating a droplet in DigitalOcean.

Along with WordPress, you can install apps such as Joomla, Ubuntu, Magento, and Drupal. So, there’s no worry about installation of content management platforms for your blogs.

Flexibility To Add Domains And Resizing the Server

You can easily upgrade to the next plan with one click without contacting the customer support to upgrade the size of your web space to control your traffic requirements which is beneficial for all webmasters today.

A new domain can be added easily with DigitalOcean. First, simply click the add domain option in DNS management and enter your new domain name. Then select the droplet name where you want to store the domain files. You will find several videos available on YouTube that give the complete information about the process.

Auto Backup

The next important factor while selecting the right web hosting service is backup. Backup is very important when it comes to website updates or when any of the web server crashes and you won’t be able to login to the WordPress admin panel. When you take the backup of your website, you can restore it with good configuration data easily.

You get auto backup option with DigitalOcean as per the requirement so you don’t need to worry about data loss but, they charge extra for it. Similarly, MilesWeb also charges for the backup.

MilesWeb’s Managed DigitalOcean Features

  • Complete Management
  • Expert Advice
  • Optimizing
  • System monitoring
  • Server maintenance
  • Data protection
  • Regular updates
  • Security

MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud Pricing


MilesWeb team takes the complete responsibility of your DigitalOcean droplets. You just have to focus on your business growth and the rest will be managed by their team. So, if you have a growing website, you can switch to MilesWeb DigitalOcean cloud hosting at anytime as they offer free migration.